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Bronopol Product Name: Bronopol
Synonyms: 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1, 3-propanediol
Molecular Formula: C3H6BrNO4
Molecular Weight: 199.98
CAS NO.: 52-51-7
Physical Properties:Bronopol is White or light yellow crystal powder. Odorless and tasteless. It is easily soluble in water, alcohol, propanediol, but hard to dissolve in chloroform, acetone and so on.




White or light yellow crystal powder

Assay(on dry base), %


Melting point, ℃


Loss on drying, %


Residue on ignition, %


Uses and Applications:Bronopol is widely used in Industrial Circulating Water, papermaking, painting, plastic and cooling water recirculation system. It can be add into the shampoo, conditioner, cream, shower gel and other cosmetics as well as the detergent and fabric treatment.

Package: 25KG per carton box or according to customers’ special requirements.
Storage: Kept in a dry, clean and ventilate place.Δ TOP