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The Development Trends of Propylparaben

  Propylparaben also can be called as Nipasol, Propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate ,Propylparaben, which is white crystalline powder. Propylparaben is with a special smell and astringent taste. Easily soluble in alcohol, propanediol and sodium hydroxide, but it is hard to dissolve in water. Its formula is C10H12O3 and formula weight is 180.20. In general, its density is about 1.0630, refractive index of 1.5050 and melting point of 95-98℃. This article will mainly introduce the development trends of propylparaben powder.
   Generally speaking, propylparaben is a very important material and it is mainly used as preservatives and antioxidants. And it is the inevitable trend that propylparaben preservative will take the place of the sodium benzoate. Compared to sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, the market price of sodium benzoate is 6000 yuan /ton, potassium sorbate of 23,000 yuan / ton, while parabens market price of 70,000 yuan / ton. And for the comparison of the dosages, due to parabens have higher inhibitory effect than sodium benzoate , potassium sorbate, so and its usage is lower than the amount of sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and units cost is only slightly higher than that of sodium benzoate and lower than potassium sorbate. And the most important point is that the toxicity of propylparaben is much lower than those two food preservatives. And compared to those two products, propylparaben preservatives have many excellent advantages. The most obvious one is that its preservative effect will not change according to the PH value and it can still play its own part under the circumstance of alkalinity.
  In the past five or six years , the international food safety incidents continued to occur viciously, resulting in considerable economic losses. And with higher income of residents, people start to pay the growing attention to their own health problems and have more and more emphasis on the quality of their living environment. Besides, after entered WTO, China has made lots of efforts to establish and perfect food preservatives and additives laws. And we will eventually stop using sodium benzoate. Moreover, China has 1.3 billion people, which is the world's largest market. So with technological advances, we will further support the development and use of new food additives. And raw materials has been completed to state-owned situation, directly reducing the cost of production. These all help to form a good market price trends for the position of propylparaben and enhance the competitiveness of products. In summary, the development of parabens has become an inevitable trend to be alternative to traditional sodium benzoate.