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A new type of food additives-Food preservatives Parabens

(P HOC6H4CO2R) is a type of preservative with low toxicity and high efficiency. It has been widely used in food, drinks, cosmetics, medicines and other industries. In cosmetics industry, the quantity demand reaches 50MT/year. Ethylparaben and propyl paraben are the largest quantity used in the world. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, broad spectrum and good compatibility. Parabens has the structure of phenolic hydroxyl structures; therefore its bacterial resistance is higher than benzoic acid and sorbic acid. The preservative effect of Parabens will not change with PH value. Heptylparaben is a kind of Parabens used in alcoholic drinks, it has the advantage of small dosage, high preservative effect, and low toxicity. The working concentration in beer is 8-12 ppm. It can effectively prevent the growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactobacillus caused by beer spoilage.
Domestic manufacturers usually produce some low carbonate ester, such as Methylparaben, Ethyl Paraben, propylparaben
and Butylparaben. For some long long-chain ester, such as Heptylparaben, Octylparaben,domestic suppliers don’t start to produce. Therefore the researches of this type parabens are very important. At present, in fine chemical field, the research of new paraben is very active. According to development direction of fine chemical industry,parabens series products will have great development. The working mechanism of Parabens is similar as phenol. It can damage cell membrane to make protein denaturized, at the same time to restrain the activity of respiratory enzyme and pass enzymes. The bacteriostatic activity of parabens is in separates function .But as the carboxyl group of molecule has been esterified, and can’t ionize, therefore its antibacterial effect is very good with PH value range 4-8.
In terms of food preservatives, Parabens’ market capacity is large.  But there are only small factories produce paraben. According to the usual dosage of parabens, in Soy sauce industry, Parabens’ consumption is 750 tons/year. In pickles industry, Parabens’ consumption is 450 tons/year. In Meat product industry, Parabens’ consumption is 1500 tons/year. In beverage industry, Parabens’ consumption is 300 tons/year. In Seafood industry, Parabens’ consumption is 1000 tons/year.

Except Food preservatives Parabens also large apply into cosmetic industries. Add suitable volume Parabens in cosmetics products, it can effectively prevent the cosmetic deterioration causing by microorganisms and extended shelf life. It also can be applied in medical uses, such as add certain amount Parabens in scald ointment, it can prevent wound Inflammation and bacterial infection, therefore short the wound recovery time.